Allies in Aging

Allies in Aging collaborates to connect seniors across our communities through leadership, outreach, transportation, training and advocacy.

Projects are designed to connect seniors who are 75+ with people and services to reduce isolation due to disability, low income, language or cultural barriers. Allies in Aging is a collective impact initiative funded in part by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program.

Theory of Change

Our goal is to increase the number of seniors who:

  • have support and help when they need it—by having someone they can count on to listen to them when they need to talk, to give them advice about a crisis, and to help them when needed.
  • participate regularly in activities;
  • feel connected to family, friends and acquaintances; and
  • feel valued by family, friends and acquaintances.

To achieve our goals we are focused on specific outcomes:

  • Seniors are identified, their needs are understood and they are connected to appropriate services.
  • Seniors are engaged in meaningful opportunities for participation, which leads to strengthened social networks.
  • Service providers work collaboratively to effectively support seniors through age-related changes.
  • Key stakeholders influence public policy and advance innovation partnerships to support lasting systemic change.

Each of our four Projects contribute to realizing one or more of these outcomes.


Seniors Hubs

Supporting seniors’ leadership in program design and delivery helps reach a significant number of isolated seniors. Neighbourly Together and Seniors Hubs is scaling up and scaling out the existing South Vancouver Seniors Hub model into new regions in East Vancouver.

The project will create three neighbourhood-based hubs to increase seniors’ participation in their community and provide outreach to bridge barriers that can isolate seniors from support and a sense of being valued. The project also creates a network to be responsive and dynamic in addressing the needs of isolated seniors through collaboration and sharing of promising practices.


Welcoming Seniors’ Spaces

Welcoming Seniors’ Spaces is a collaborative project in which we seek outreach opportunities to reduce isolation in seniors and connect them to services in their area. Volunteers from diverse cultural backgrounds are trained to outreach to isolated seniors in Burnaby, North Shore, Tri-cities and Vancouver.

Partner agencies offer a variety of group programs for a diverse senior population, including dialogues, lunches, teas, dinners, shared experiences, dance, and health & wellness activities.


Seniors on the Move

Transportation can be a significant obstacle for a senior wanting to connect with friends and family, participate in social programs or even get out in the community for ordinary activities like shopping. Poor mobility and balance, declining cognitive ability, fare costs and language difficulties can be significant barriers to accessing transportation options.

Seniors on the Move is a multi-sector collaboration to: (a) share and enhance existing services and best practices; (b) design innovative new services and partnerships; (c) help seniors plan for age-related changes to their transportation needs and connect them to appropriate options; and (d) advocate for improved transportation services.


Volunteer Impact

Training can help volunteers and service providers better identify seniors who are isolated, understand their needs, and connect them with appropriate services and resources. Volunteer Impact partners will share knowledge and expertise related to isolation, develop a training curriculum, host training events and a hold a conference to increase sector capacity when working with seniors.

The project will advance innovative partnerships to support systemic change. Senior volunteers will have meaningful opportunities to participate and experience a community of care where they feel connected, valued and supported.



More than thirty partners bridge geography and organizational diversity towards strategic alignment across these four projects. See our partner list.