Shared Evaluation

Allies in Aging is a collective impact initiative to reduce seniors’ social isolation.

One of the five conditions of collective impact is having a shared measurement and evaluation system. This provides consistency, supports alignment with the common agenda and strengthens accountability across partners.

Allies in Aging worked with professional evaluators to conduct evaluation of project results as well as establish a baseline measure of seniors’ social isolation in the region. All of the project partner agencies used the same tools to survey seniors and project participants about how they are connected to other people in their lives. Survey questions were based on measures of isolation provided by our project funder as well as demographic information related to our projects, such as disability, income and language.

Partners provided quarterly reports, which allowed us to regularly review progress and make changes to programs when needed.

Allies in Aging Final Evaluation Report November 2019
Allies in Aging Evaluation Findings June 19 2018
Allies in Aging Findings Report January 2018
Project and Population Data Dashboards August 2017
Project and Population Data Dashboards 75+ November 2017