How can you support seniors’ connections? Check out the many opportunities in your community to connect with other service providers, participate in training sessions, or volunteer in your own neighbourhood.

Seniors Hub Model

The Seniors Hub Model project built upon the success of the South Vancouver Neighbourhood House’s (SVNH) Seniors Hub and their success in developing a Seniors Hub and door to door outreach initiative.   Through formal partnerships with Cedar Cottage and Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood Houses, these initiatives were replicated in two new geographical areas. Neighbourhood Houses have … Continued

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Welcoming Seniors’ Spaces

Welcoming Seniors’ Spaces was built and funded on the premise that seniors’ programs, services and gathering spaces already exist. However, previous research revealed that seniors 75+ are often excluded from participation on the basis of barriers such as income, language or culture, physical or mental health challenges. Based on the success of the existing Outreach … Continued

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Seniors on the Move

Transportation can be a significant obstacle for a senior wanting to connect with friends and family, participate in social programs or even get out in the community for ordinary activities like shopping. Poor mobility and balance, declining cognitive ability, fare costs, and language difficulties can be significant barriers to accessing transportation options. Seniors on the … Continued

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Volunteer Impact

Volunteer Impact partners worked together to reduce isolation in seniors 75+ by increasing volunteer and service provider capacity through training events and volunteer training resources Volunteer Impact partners shared expertise related to seniors’ isolation to develop an on-line training curriculum, deliver training to volunteers and service providers, and create evidence-based resources. Better training and resources … Continued

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