Seniors Hub Model

The Seniors Hub Model project built upon the success of the South Vancouver Neighbourhood House’s (SVNH) Seniors Hub and their success in developing a Seniors Hub and door to door outreach initiative.   Through formal partnerships with Cedar Cottage and Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood Houses, these initiatives were replicated in two new geographical areas.

Neighbourhood Houses have been working with seniors for many years and collectively developed a strong foundation of senior’s services, supports and community engagement activities. With a focus on community-based capacity building, active and engaged seniors were empowered to find meaningful ways of reaching out and connecting to vulnerable seniors in their communities. Activities were scaled up, across and within systems to positively influence social inclusion for seniors.

The goal of the project was to support the independence and active participation of older adults in community life. Playing a leadership role in planning and governance, seniors developed their capacity to guide and sustain three Seniors Hubs’ using a community development approach that connected seniors and organizations at the neighbourhood level.

Brenda, Neighbourly Together: Her story, in her own words

"When I was unexpectedly retired, I thought what do I do? I move forward. With the support of my family I was encouraged to get out and get involved in something new. I came to Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, I decided to take Senior Peer Counselling, which led to training as a Neighbourly Together volunteer. I just feel so good working with seniors. I bring patience and good listening skills.

“Now, I’ve gone from a volunteer to a leadership role, supporting a volunteer team doing Neighbourly Together outreach. I like to encourage other volunteers and motivate them. This kind of role has given me a new confidence. It has added so much to my life. I hope to enjoy the rest of my life as an active person. It has turned my life around 180 degrees. Embrace every day and say, ‘This is going to be a good day’. That’s how I live my life.”

(March 2018)

The major outputs for this program were:

  • 6,529 seniors reached and connected
  • 16 volunteer training sessions
  • 110 volunteers trained
  • 2 Seniors Hubs’ created and the South Vancouver Seniors Hub sustained
  • 55 Hub council meetings held
  • 2 Community Asset Maps completed
  • 3 Neighbourly Together door-to-door programs delivered

Seniors Hub and Welcoming Seniors’ Spaces also produced an Outreach Toolkit to support service providers in developing outreach training in their own communities.

The major outcomes for this program were:

  • Isolated/underrepresented seniors (e.g., seniors living alone, seniors who are caregivers, seniors with low income, seniors with mobility/physical challenges and immigrant seniors) had increased access to appropriate services, information and community activities.
  • Seniors were identified, their needs understood, and they were connected to services.
  • Seniors were engaged in meaningful opportunities for participation which led to strengthened and robust social and service agency networks.
  • Seniors had increased opportunities to use their skills and knowledge as leaders and volunteers.
  • Diverse seniors gained the leadership skills, knowledge and connections needed to sustain their neighbourhood senior’s hub.
  • Seniors and organizations in each neighbourhood were formally connected to their respective Hub and increased their capacity for working together to address senior’s issues and services needed in the community, resulting in expanded service scope, depth and breadth.
  • Seniors increased their capacity for addressing senior’s issues and connecting across cultures and ages.

The Seniors Hub Model project:

  • Engaged seniors and participating organizations in a collective impact approach
  • Increased their knowledge regarding both the processes and outcomes associated with seniors-led community development; and
  • Strengthened the collaboration amongst sector stakeholders through developmental evaluation.

For more information about…

Seniors Hub Model, or the South Vancouver Seniors Hub:
Contact Shelley Jorde at the South Vancouver Neighbourhood House, or 604-324-6212.

Mount Pleasant Seniors’ Hub at Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House:
Contact Claudine Matlo at or 604-879-8208. The Hub council meets on a monthly basis except for December and August.

Cedar Cottage Seniors Hub at Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House:
Contact Paola Antia at or 604-874-4231. They will continue meeting once a month and working on engaging volunteers to lead activities.