Allies in Aging resources and tools are available to strengthen our collective ability to reduce seniors’ social isolation. Explore Fact Sheets and training materials, effective outreach strategies and transportation initiatives.

Volunteer Training Resources

Developed by Volunteer Impact, the Volunteer Training Modules provide all the material needed to deliver your own workshop for your staff and volunteers on a range of issues impacting seniors, including: exploring the risk factor for isolation, preparing for the end of life, mental health, linguistic & cultural barriers, moving through grief and loss, exploring depression & delirium, anxiety & stress, and more.

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Fact Sheets on Social Isolation

Developed by Volunteer Impact, the Allies in Aging Fact Sheets explore specific risk factors for senior’s isolation, including: caregiving, linguistic & cultural barriers, low income, mental health, physical health and life transitions.

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Transportation Links

These links to information about transportation challenges, solutions and resources were developed by Seniors on the Move. These links include the foundations of a functional transportation system of seniors, public and para-transit, community-based rid programs, the impact of the built environment on transportation, and resources for transportation programs in your community.

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Outreach Resources

The outreach library provides links to various resources to support outreach volunteers working with seniors. This library is meant to complement outreach training provided by local community partners within the Welcoming Seniors’ Spaces and Seniors Hub.

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Related Research

Throughout the development and implementation of the Allies in Aging, the partners and backbone have been using available evidence and research to guide our decision-making. Related research compiles some of the sources we have found most relevant to our work.

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