Transportation Links

Seniors on the Move has been compiling useful resources throughout the project. Here are some valuable sources of information when considering transportation.

Seniors Transportation – Affordable, Appropriate and Available (Office of the Seniors’ Advocate)

Transportation and Older Persons: Perceptions and Preferences (AARP Public Policy Institute, 2001)

Public and Para-Transit
TransLink Custom Transit Service Delivery Review Stakeholder Advisory Committee Summary Report (2017)

Moving In the Right Direction: HandyDART Survey Results (Office of the Seniors Advocate of British Columbia, 2017)

All Ages Access: Making Transit Work for Everyone in America’s Rapidly Aging Cities (Transit Center, 2016)

Metro Vancouver’s Aging Population and the Need for Improved HandyDART Service (Ecopath Planning, 2013)

Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Reducing the Impact of Motor Vehicle Crashes on Health and Well-Being in BC (Provincial Health Officer’s Annual Report, 2016)

National Blueprint for Injury Prevention in Older Drivers (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2009)

Built Environment
The Built Environment in BC – Status, Trends and Future Prospects Discussion Paper (Real Estate Foundation of BC, 2015)

Safe and Accessible Pedestrian Routes for Older Adults (National Center on Senior Transportation, 2015)

The Case for Age-Friendly Communities (Portland State University, 2016)

Making Your Community Livable for All Ages: What’s Working (National Association of Area Agencies on Aging, 2015)

Resources for transportation programs in your community
ICBC medical exam

TransLink trip planner

TransLink accessible entrance maps

Google maps: Includes walking, cycling, transit and driving directions

HandyDART information and application form

BC Bus Pass for Seniors with Low-Income