Volunteer Training Resources

Training can help volunteers and service providers better identify seniors who are isolated, understand their needs, and connect them with appropriate services and resources. The training modules below provide resources you can download to conduct interactive workshops for volunteers and staff who work with seniors. For each module, we also highly recommend Fact Sheets on Risk Factors affecting Social Isolation of Seniors, such as Caregiver Burnout, Physical Health, Mental Health, Low Income, Life Transitions, Linguistic and Cultural Barriers and Seniors Services and Benefits.

Exploring Risk Factors

E-Learning – Exploring 6 Key Risk Factors of Social Isolation
Exploring 6 Key Risk Factors of Social Isolation Webinar
Exploring Risk Factors Presentation
Risk Factors Work Booklet

Learn how vitally important social connections are to seniors’ wellbeing, and examine barriers that put them at risk of social isolation. Identify valuable ways to support seniors to build and maintain their social connections.

Transitioning Through Life’s Losses

Transitioning Through Life’s Losses Webinar
Mourner’s Bill of Rights
Transitioning Through Life’s Losses Presentation

Identify the central needs of those who are mourning. Learn about the physical and emotional reactions of grief and explore helpful ways to support a senior who is grieving.

Communicating to Foster Connection

Communicating to Foster Connection Presentation

Hone your active listening skills as you explore boundaries and roadblocks to effective communication. Identify strategies to strengthen your ability to communicate and connect with seniors.

Becoming Dementia Friendly

Becoming Dementia Friendly Presentation
Strengthen your knowledge of dementia and build coping skills. Reduce stigma for persons living with this disease and promote a Dementia Friendly approach to supporting older adults.

Exploring Diversity & Inclusion

Exploring Diversity and Inclusion Presentation

Explore how we’re affected by power and privilege and learn about linguistic and cultural barriers that contribute to seniors’ isolation. Strengthen your ability to support seniors in the face of these barriers. (Use links below for additional resources.)

Diversity: Outline
Diversity: Power Wheel
Diversity: Dot Activity
Diversity: Different Forms of Power