Lessons in Leadership: Seniors Hub

The Seniors Hub team hosted a “Leadership Style Discovery and Conflict Resolution” workshop in January 2019. Participants learned several ways to provide direction, implement plans and motivate people. They also learned about behavioural patterns and methods for effective leadership and conflict resolution.The audience found the workshop very helpful, relevant and interesting. Everyone was excited to engage with fellow volunteers and learn unique styles that would benefit them in the future. For leadership style, people used coloured cards as a way of matching personality with the style best fitting for them. They identified characteristics that would enable them to enjoy their volunteer roles and assist them in becoming a better leader.

One of the practicum students at South Vancouver Neighbourhood House said that she has taken conflict resolution in nonviolent communication classes but this was an excellent way to practice resolving conflict in a not-for-profit-volunteer scenario.

The workshop was a huge success. The Seniors Hub is hosting a follow-up workshop on May 21: Conflict Resolution Part 2.

[Submission by Emem-Obong Lucia Inyang, gently edited]